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Сhoose the right food to eat

The program contains all the spices and herbs and explains where they are used to maintain health. Now you can see everything on your watch and not keep it in your head.


Spices are food additives that are used to change the flavor or aroma of food. The composition of such additives may include essential oils, tannins and other substances that give spices certain properties: increase appetite, activate calorie burning, improve digestion, etc. They are made from almost all parts of spicy plants: rhizomes, leaves, seeds, etc. etc. flowers, fruits, bark. Some spices are added to dishes in dried form, while others are ground into a fine powder. Chefs often use seasoning blends to create their masterpieces.


Herbs are the life forms of higher plants. Among them there are poisonous varieties and those that can be eaten. Tea is brewed from individual herbs, infusions are made for internal and external use. Different types contain different useful substances (in the root or in the shoots), the extracts of which are also used in perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


The program has been translated into English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese and Ukrainian, Danish, Dutch, Croatian, Catalan, Czech, Finnish. , Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Slovak.


Take care of your health!!!

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