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Our AB Compatibility program provides you with all the information you need about vitamins and minerals. You will learn which vitamins and minerals your body needs, which foods provide enough of them, and how to avoid deficiency or excess of these important elements.

If you are consuming several vitamins and minerals together, the program will help determine their combination with each other so that they can be absorbed by the body as efficiently as possible.

Our "combination" and "want to eat" sections will help you choose foods that will help you satisfy your cravings for sweets, sours, salts, fats, or help you cope with the urge to smoke. We provide useful information on how to make up for a certain micronutrient deficiency so that you can maintain your health at a high level.

Our program contains information about the daily dose of vitamins and minerals, sources of their intake and warns of the possible consequences of an excess or lack of vitamins and minerals.

Finally, the program is available in 32 languages, allowing you to get information about vitamins and minerals in your own language.

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