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Choose right!!!

The program contains vegetables, fruits and berries, that is, all foods that need to be consumed every day so as not to acidify the body (PH level in the body). Each product is described by the number of calories per 100 grams and contains all the vitamins and minerals.

Why is all this necessary, you ask? Or eat fresh food or dietary supplements, everyone chooses for himself. Fresh foods contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for health. If you want to know how much vitamin C or how much iron or calcium, my program will help you answer this question.

The program has been translated into English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Thai, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Hindi, Norwegian, Catalan, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Be healthy!!!

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