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A handy and reliable application that will help you convert shoe sizes between different systems such as American, European, Chinese and Russian. You no longer need to worry about which shoe size to choose when buying in another country or using different sizing systems. Just enter your original size and select your target system - our app will do the work for you.


Main functions:

1. Intuitive Interface: A nice and easy to use interface that makes the shoe size conversion process quick and easy.

2. Many sizing systems available: the ability to convert shoe sizes between US, European, Chinese and Russian systems.

3. Accurate Conversions: The application uses size tables to ensure maximum conversion accuracy.

4. Results immediately on the screen: instantly get the converted shoe size in the target system after input.


No matter where you are and where you buy shoes, our program will help you make the right choice of size, facilitating the purchase process and preventing possible mistakes. Install the app right now and enjoy the convenience of converting shoe sizes in one place!

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