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How to choose the right one

The AB Vitamin program contains all vitamins and all trace elements in their combination with each other.

To learn how to make up for beriberi, there are products for each vitamin and trace element. What can and cannot be used together, and what is important to use separately, is present in the program. What will happen with a deficiency or excess of a particular vitamin or microelement can also be found in the program.

It is difficult for me to keep this information in my head, and I decided to make a program that stores everything on the clock. The program is compact and convenient, translated into 33 languages.


Vitamins are substances that everyone needs; all processes in the body occur with your participation. They are part of more than 100 enzymes and play a crucial role in maintaining immunity and increasing our body's resistance to disease.


Most vitamins are not synthesized by the human body, so they must be regularly and in sufficient quantities supplied to the body with food or in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes and nutritional supplements. The exceptions are vitamin K, which is synthesized in the colon by bacteria, and vitamin B3, which is synthesized by intestinal bacteria from the amino acid tryptophan.


The program has been translated into English, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese, Russian, German, French, Korean, Italian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hindi,

Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Malay, Indonesian,

Vietnamese, Norwegian.


Be healthy!!!

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