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Updated: Aug 6, 2021

On food packaging, we often see inscriptions that resemble ciphers: E101, E202, E304, E407. Why is the composition of products encrypted with Exx codes. The letter Еxx on products for the classification of food additives in the EU countries has a numbering system that has been in effect since 1953. Each additive has a unique number starting with the letter Exx. The numbering system was finalized and adopted for the international classification Codex Alimentarius. Many Exx food additives are prohibited for use, and some that are not prohibited can also cause significant harm to health. However, not all food additives labeled Exx are harmful to the body. They may pose a threat in large quantities, but small doses are used in production. For example, can the E101 additive be called harmful? This is a common vitamin B2. Therefore, read the labels, see what these or those additives mean.

In total, there are 1600 Exx codes, it is not realistic to remember and carry them all in my head, I made a program for the clock, it is convenient to look at the code on the packaging in the store when choosing products, you can decide to buy a product or not. Take care of your health !!!

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